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The Test of Essential Academic Skills is more commonly known as the TEAS Test. It’s an admissions test for nursing schools, and is often required as part of the application process. ATI Testing is the test’s publisher, and they recently released the 7th edition of the test. This updated version is called the ATI TEAS, Version 7 Exam.

The test consists of 170 multiple choice questions that must be answered within 209 minutes. You can choose to take the test either online or in-person. The topics covered are Reading, Math, Science and English. The content and learning objectives are based on information that is generally taught in grades 7 through 12. The purpose of the test is to measure the entry-level abilities and skills of nursing program applicants.

Here is an overview of the topics and the time limits for the ATI TEAS Test:

  • Reading: 45 Questions – 55 Minutes.
  • Mathematics: 38 Questions – 57 Minutes
  • Science: 50 Questions – 60 Minutes
  • English & Language Usage: 37 Questions – 37 Minutes
There are definitely some hard questions on this test, so it is important to spend some time on your test prep. We recommend that you start with our free ATI TEAS practice test, which has been fully updated for 2024. It includes challenging practice questions along with detailed answer explanations. If you feel like you need to do more test prep and review, then you may want to buy a TEAS study guide as well.